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Nathalia Moonen


“Fear of Life and Fear of Death;

  •  General Considerations,
  •  Multiple Single Case Analyses,
  •  Prenatal Transfer and Transference.” 


Ir. Nathalia M. Supraningsih Moonen – Budhi Nugroho MBA MSc




Vrijdag 26 oktober 2018, 14.00 uur


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Fear of Life and Fear of Death
Fear of Death and – albeit to a lesser degree – Fear of Life are generally accepted as ‘normal’ feelings, that exist everywhere. We can find references to these fears everywhere, in newspapers, magazines and novels but also in our day-to-day conversation and interactions with people around us. Even tough many people may accept their existence without much further thought, throughout the ages Fear of Death and Fear of Life have been recognized by scholars as important driving forces of human endeavour and behaviour. Classic Greek philosophers as well as medieval and renaissance theologians and philosophers were mainly concerned with the question why people should or should not fear death. These sources and other historic literature, including the Bible, shows that both Fear of Life and Fear of Death were recognised throughout the ages and also across cultures. The influence that they can exert over the way we live, and experience, our lives makes these fears important from a psychologist’s point of view. It is therefore surprising how little attention there is in modern psychological research and literature to gain a deeper understanding of either fear. Nathalia Moonen-Budhi Nugroho has taken up this challenge. In the three articles that are presented in this dissertation, she explores the origins Fear of Life and of Fear of Death and the dynamics from which they arise. Her client-based research involving subjects from diverse cultures, confirms the universal nature of these fears. This research also demonstrates that Fear of Life and Fear of Life are already developing at the prenatal stage. Furthermore, it was found that there exist similar patterns that link the feelings of Fear of Life or Fear of Death to specific unconsciously stored themes that were experienced by the subjects as foetuses in the womb.


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